About the Designer

Yong Davalos is a fashion designer based in Manila, Philippines.

In 2011, she started her career in fashion after completing her program in Fashion Design. After gaining years of experience in designing for local retail brands, she launched her own line, Yong Davalos, in 2016.

At present, Yong Studio International is home to the following brands:

• Yong Studio
• Yong Bridal 
• Tayo Studio
• Little Tayo

Yong believes that fashion is an artistic endeavour that must be crafted under ethical conditions. She recognises that the real frontline workers of the industry are the production employees, and true to this belief, she advocates for ethically-made clothing that represents the quality of work of Filipino artisans.

With the vision to change the fashion industry practice in Manila one step at a time, follow Yong’s journey through her socials:

Instagram : @yongdavalos